Can you benefit from business storage?

Business storage Orwigsburg PA

Does your office need more room to spread out? If the paper boxes, extra supplies, and bulky office furniture are getting in your way, maybe its time to consider business storage at Sunrise Storage in Orwigsburg PA. We have the space for the seasonal patio furniture and important tax documents.

Not sure if storage is right for you? A storage unit can improve your work space and efficiency! You can store a variety of items which include:

  • Signage- While you are preparing for the next presentation you won’t have to worry about your marketing materials. All your business cards, pamphlets and signs that are used occasionally at trade shows, public events, etc. will look sharp for every occasion. With storage you won’t have to fit them in tight spaces at the office.
  • Extra Supplies-  It’s always better to buy in bulk but not when it comes to your space saving needs. Keep what you need for day-to-day tasks in the supply closet and move the rest to a secure storage space in Hamilton NJ.
  • Filing Cabinets- Tax records from prior years are important to keep but aren’t needed every day. So, to save space, store us! Our location is monitored with 24/7 surveillance and personalized access keypad.

When your extra supplies start to get in the way of production, stop in to talk with our storage experts about the business storage options at Sunrise Storage. We want to help you be business savvy with a little organization and Orwigsburg PA storage units.