Cross Country Moving: Our Helpful Timeline

What do you do first when cross country moving? Whether on a temporary basis for work, or a big move for the family, storage can transition you and your belongings to the new home with ease. Sunrise Storage can help you find extra space in Orwigsburg PA as well as a timeline to stick to when getting organized.

Sunrise Storage offers drive up storage units right off the Centre Turnpike. For our neighbors moving to Adamsdale PA or Frisbie PA, Sunrise Storage may be the storage solution you need. Once you know you are moving, our experts recommend reserving a storage unit. We can take storage reservations 2 weeks in advance, so give us a call today!

Cross Country Moving Orwigsburg PA

A Month Before

If you need to find a reputable school and healthcare professionals in your new neighborhood, now is the perfect timing. Talk with your realtor or check out our neighborhood friends page for guidance.

A Week Before

One week before your move, you should schedule your mail to begin forwarding and remind businesses you work directly with of your new address. Contact your moving company and confirm your date and time. If you reserved a storage unit with Sunrise Storage, give us a call and let us know you are still set for the date. We are happy to move reservations and help you out as moving timelines tend to change.

Moving Day

Start early! Be ready for the moving company by making a path to all your boxes. Have them grouped by the door or in a group in each room. Your “first to open” box should be left out of reach, but not forgotten. These boxes will consist of gear you need right away at the new house.

The Week After

Start to replenish your pantry and confirm you address has changed with all appropriate agencies. For a full list of where your address needs updated, use this helpful list. Your pantry will also need a few items updated; add these necessities to your list.

Sunrise Storage has more helpful tips on our blog and experts to answer you moving and storage questions. Talk with us today about which storage unit is right for your cross country moving.