How Businesses Can Optimize Their Space With a Storage Unit

How can business storage benefit you? Space optimization is a huge concern for many businesses right now.  Executives want to make the most of their office space layout without sacrificing productivity.  Since the economic downturn in 2008, numerous businesses decided to do more with less in terms of square footage.  These boot-strappers scaled down without sacrificing quality for the consumer, which is the sign of a flexible entrepreneur.  However, many have run into trouble now because they are practically sitting on tons of paper items that need to be kept, but aren’t necessary on a regular basis.

Fortunately, a clean, conveniently-located, humidity-controlled storage unit can solve this issue of how to optimize the space in an office area.

Storage units can offer fantastic offsite solutions for companies that want to have extra room to keep items such as:

  • Boxes filled with files, documents and other paperwork
  • Papers that must be kept for a certain number of years per industry regulations
  • Tax forms and records from prior years
  • Signage and other marketing materials that are used occasionally at trade shows, public events, etc.
  • Work-related furniture and décor that isn’t currently needed, such as desks, chairs, workstations, flooring and customer seating
  • Electronic items that may be useful later, but aren’t required now, like computers, laptops, telephones and radios
  • Older binders with information that could be used again
  • Seasonal decorations that will be put up once a year in the office
  • Extra window treatments
  • Filing cabinets filled with older paper items that are not currently useful
  • Extra supplies that are bought in bulk to be used at a later date, like pallets of paper or large boxes filled with tape, staples and more
  • The business inventory of promotional items with corporate logos on them

By making the most of a business storage unit, a company can keep its main work-spaces uncluttered, which can lead to higher levels of efficiency.  Psychological studies have shown that cluttered areas lead to difficulty concentrating.  Conversely, orderly spaces can make workers more effective, and that’s great for businesses of any shape, size or design!