How to Prepare a Vehicle for Winter Storage

Pennsylvania winters can get tough, and not vehicles are equipped for the weather. When you need to store a car or other recreational vehicle, turn to Sunrise Storage in Orwigsburg, PA. We have drive-up storage units, as well as parking spaces, that you can rent short-term or long-term. Our month-by-month leases make storing with us flexible. Our storage facility is on Centre Turnpike between Orwigsburg and Deer Lake. Come by today, or browse our storage options online. Follow the tips below to prepare your vehicle for winter storage at Sunrise Storage!

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Storage in Pennsylvania

As the colder months arrive, it’s essential to properly prepare your vehicle for winter storage, particularly if you own a classic car, sports car, convertible, or any vehicle that is not designed for harsh Pennsylvania winter conditions. Winterizing your vehicle not only protects it from potential damage caused by extreme temperatures, ice, and snow but also ensures its longevity and optimal performance when it’s time to hit the road again. Preparing for winter storage involves a series of steps, including thorough cleaning, fluid maintenance, tire care, and battery preservation, among other crucial measures. In this guide, we will delve into the best practices for winterizing your vehicle to keep your prized possession in peak condition throughout its time in storage.

Get Gas Before You Store

A full tank of gas reduces the risk of moisture buildup in your gas tank. When storing for more than three months, add stabilizer to the gas tank as well, and change your oil before putting into storage.

Protect Your Exterior

Whether items are going to be packed around your vehicle in a storage unit or it is going to sit in our outdoor parking, you need to take precautions to protect your paint and body. Take extra time to thoroughly wash and scrub your vehicle. Then finish with a wax. This is will help prevent chipping and rust.

Ward Off Pests

Animals will be looking for food and shelter during cold months. Do not give them a reason to be attracted to your vehicle. Clear out any trash, and vacuum up crumbs. Not only will you come back to a clean vehicle, but you will also come back to a critter-free one.

Put Your Vehicle in Winter Storage at Sunrise Storage in Orwigsburg, PA

Secure your vehicle for winter with us! Off Centre Turnpike, Sunrise Storage has the area’s best selection of self storage for vehicles for winter storage. We have drive-up storage units up to 600 square feet, large enough for your car or truck to safely sit idle with overhead protection. In addition to storage units, we also have outdoor parking for all vehicles, including boats and RVs. Our storage experts can help you find a place for your vehicle for winter storage without breaking your budget. See how Sunrise Storage can assist you!

Rent your storage online now! Our resources can guide you through our different available storage options and answer questions that may come up during the rental process.

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