Organizing before you arrive at the storage unit

Have you noticed a few spots that need organizing since the end of winter? Storage is especially helpful with a big seasonal change approaching. If you are unsure how to get your home organized and into storage, start with our storage packing tips. When you are first starting to plan, it may seem overwhelming but since you have Sunrise Storage on your side, you will be relaxing in no time.

Orwigsburg PA storage packing tips

  • A portable hanging rack will be the answer to wrinkle free clothes in storage. Clothes folded in a box during a season may have some deep creases when they come out.
  • Just as you are preparing your belongings, your storage unit needs attention as well. Pallets will keep the air flow open and prevent built up moisture.
  • Have a floor plan that includes a few isles. To avoid a frustrating search the next time you stop by, have at least one main isle down the center.
  • Either right a list with general directions to find certain things or a map.
  • For a successful swapping, group all similar items together. Comb through the house for anything out of place before you start this undertaking.
  • Fill in gaps within boxes with clothes or towels. For example, fill the space between plates with your kitchen towels.
  • If you are storing breakables, make sure it is clearly marked. Not only will this help movers but you as well, when you want to bring them back out.
  • Come up with a plan to divide your belongings. Since you are doing a big move think about getting rid of anything not being used.
  • Remember what goes in the moving truck first will be the last things into storage. If they are frequently needed, rethink how you are loading up.

Enjoy warming temperatures while we protect your winter equipment. Our storage space at Sunrise Storage makes the transition from season to season a little easier.