Simple staging with the help of our storage space

Is your house ready for to be sold? While you prep for visitors to potentially buy your property our storage space can keep your mind at ease. During this hectic time you may be shopping for a new home while also trying to get yours sold; with our tips for staging on a budget you can put the best features on display. Follow the suggestions below and get an edge on the market.

Orwisgburg PA storage space

Cut back

The first step is the hardest but most rewarding when staging. Cut back on what you have in your house. You do not have to get rid of everything, you simply need a storage space to keep it for a little while. Only keep items that pertain to the overall look of your house. Scale back appliances, living room furniture and especially closets. Most homeowners want to know what the storage space is like so they will go right for closets and panties. Move seasonal clothes to boxes and then safely to storage.

Spruce up

A few decorations can go a long way. Once the walls are washed or a fresh layer of paint is applied add decorations according to the season to give the room a welcoming feeling. Since many of your belongings are in storage, remember simplicity is key. Think symmetrical when starting to decorate.

Appealing landscape

The exterior of your home is what greets your buyer first, so make this inviting. Keep up on yard work such as mowing the grass and picking up sticks or leaves. If the weather is nice and your patio furniture is on display, make sure it is in the best condition. If the winter snow did some damage to the cushions, either replace them or move them to storage. Finally a welcome sign and flag are a nice way to transition into the main living space.