Storage Supplies That Will Benefit Your Move

Storage Supplies

It can become tricky when you are trying to figure out what storage supplies you may need or even just how many boxes it will take to fit all of your belongings. Sunrise Storage is here to assist you in making this transition a smooth process. In addition to having merchandise that is beneficial to moving to a storage unit, our facility is remarkably safe and secure.

With the use of our storage advice, moving your valuables to storage will not be a worrisome time!

The Storage Supplies You Need:

  1. Dust Covers – Protect all items and furniture from possible damage due to dust, dirt, and water.
  2. Bubble Wrap – Allows for an extra layer of protection for your valuable and fragile items.
  3. Boxes – Different sizes work well to allow for more organization with packing.
  4. Labels – Helpful for yourself and movers when keeping your storage unit organized.
  5. Locks – Adds an extra layer of protection for your storage unit.

The 5 storage supplies above are just a handful of many available. Are you curious to see what other items can benefit your moving process? Come on by for a quick visit to our office and discover more items!

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Supplies Here?

For the entire month of October, we are donating a portion of each merchandise sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Using our storage calculator eliminates the worry about not knowing what storage unit size you should obtain. Rent a unit from our units available page today, or reserve and come out to the facility and have a look at the unit before finalizing. By doing this it also allows you to have a chance to speak with our store manager. Additionally, we will hold the storage unit for you for up to two weeks!

Struggling to decide on how much tape you will need? Or how about even the amount of boxes you need for this moving process? Give U-Haul’s supply calculator a try!

Here at Sunrise Storage, we are aware that not everyone has had experience with storage before. Nevertheless, with the tools we provide and our wonderful storage experts, your move can be over in no time at all. Uncover our Sunrise Storage facility in Orwigsburg PA.

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