Top 3 Tips for Storing Sporting Equipment

How do you store from season to season? When the weather changes Sunrise Storage has the space to make staying organized easy. With our small and large seasonal storage units you can make the most of your space. Storing the RV has never been easier since our RV storage is not only convenient but also secure. The following tips are great suggestions for keeping sporting equipment till next year.

Orwigsburg PA seasonal storage

Store Smart

With labels and permanent markers you are set. Designate a bin for pads, a box for bats and rackets, and a place for the bikes. All these spring time activities are put on hold until the snow melts; until then stay as organized as possible with a few labels and creative ways to store your belongings. You can construct boxes with bungee cord walls to keep the sports balls all in one location or put them in a bag for easy traveling. Either way it best to group similar items together.

Clean it up

After a long season of sweating and hopefully winning, your pads take a beating. They absorb not only the impact of an intense hit but also odors. If the games are over, examine your equipment for issues. If they need replaced, discard them and put that item on the shopping list. Use disinfectant wipes or hot soapy water to wash shoes and other gear.

Protect your Valuables

Are you storing your whole trading card collection and other sports valuables? A storage unit here is perfect to protect these. A photo album is a great solution to organizing all the cards. As for jerseys and fabric uniforms, these are safe with a garment bag or plastic covering. Fabrics absorb smells and dirt so shield them from any contamination.

If you need to make room in the display case or the garage needs a revamp, Sunrise Storage in Orwigsburg PA has the seasonal storage solutions.